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Climate Controlled and Non-Climate Controlled Storage Facilities- What’s the difference

Many sizes of storage facilities are available for today’s consumers. Virtually anything can be placed in storage for short or long durations. It is important to decide exactly what type of storage facility you need before renting a unit. Moving, reducing clutter or hiding gifts are all good reasons for renting a storage facility.

There are two basic types of storage facilities. These are climate controlled and non-climate controlled. New London Self Storage offers both types of facility to clients in Waterford CT and New London County and enables consumers to store all their belongings in one central place.

Climate Controlled

These facilities are used for storage of items that would be damaged by humidity or temperature. Examples of these items include:

• Furs
• Documents
• Films and photographs
• Leather items
• Wine
• Antique furniture

A good rule of thumb is to store items in a climate controlled facility that cannot be safely stored inside a garage for any length of time.

The facility has individual controls for each unit. This allows the customer to set the optimum temperature and humidity for the stored items. Too much humidity and the items could become covered in mold or rot. If the air is too dry, items such as furs or leather could be permanently damaged or destroyed.

Non-climate Controlled

A non-climate controlled facility is a basic storage unit without any type of humidity or temperature control. Air conditioners and heaters are not allowed to be used inside of them. A plethora of items can be stored safely with or without taking special precautions. These items include:

• RV’s, boats or other vehicles
• Clothing should be stored in sealed plastic bags to keep humidity from causing problems.
• Dishes
• Tools
• Major appliances
• Furniture

New London Self Storage offers both humidity and climate controlled storage units to Waterford, CT. Our facility is located within .5 miles of Waterford, CT.

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