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Tips for Storing in a Self Storage Facility

Putting items in a self storage facility can provide the opportunity to maintain items when they are not currently in use. The problem is that extended storage without proper care, packing or management will result in damaged items.

Pack Items Carefully:

Before putting any items into a self storage facility, pack it carefully to reduce the risk of damage or problems. Damage can occur from a wide range of sources, such as natural disasters, flooding in the area or fires. By taking measures to protect against the possible problems, it is less likely that personal belongings will come out damaged.

The best way to pack depends on the specific item. For example, breakables should be wrapped in cloth or paper to reduce the risk of damage in falls or minor movement. Items with drawers will need the drawers or cabinetry closed and tied shut to reduce the risk of damage or breakage while it is in storage.

Treat Items Before Storing:

Items that require treatment and management, such as leather and wood, should have appropriate treatments before it goes into the facility. The early treatment will reduce the risks to the item and ensure the material is protected from common problems like dust, dirt and minor dampness that might occur. Although New London Self Storage, near Waterford CT, provides measures to reduce the risk of water damage, self storage will still have dust and dirt that gets in the way.

Avoid Storing Items That Are Wet:

Wet items should never be stored in a self storage facility until it is completely dried. The dampness will result in mold growth that can spread onto other items and cause damage. Dry off any items that are damp or wet before putting it in storage.

Self storage is a useful way to keep items while they are not in use or while packing for a move, but it will require special care. By taking measures to reduce the risks of damage or mold growth, it is possible to enjoy personal belongings at a later date. New London Self Storage offers storage units to Waterford, CT and New London County. Our facility is located within .5 miles of Waterford, CT.

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