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When Do I Need a Humidity-Controlled Unit?

Self storage units come with a variety of features that are offered to provide you with the best storage solution to fit your needs. While many items may be stored in a regular storage unit, it is often better to use a humidity-controlled unit to keep your belongings in their best condition while they are in storage. Humidity-controlled units are equipped with temperature regulating controls that can prevent damage from fluctuating temperatures while also reducing the amount of moisture that can accumulate in a unit. If you are exploring the different features available for your storage needs, then the following situations may require you to consider the benefits of using a humidity-controlled unit.

Severe Climates
In many climates, it is common for there to be a wide range of temperatures that can occur between seasons. Harsh winters and very hot summers can lead to serious damage for belongings that are left to the elements. Intense heat can warp furniture, melt plastics and damage electronics. Additionally, the fluctuations between temperatures can increase the moisture in the unit that will damage furniture, documents and other materials. The best way to avoid these problems is to control the temperature and humidity in the unit.

Long-Term Storage
Items that are stored temporarily such as for a few days or weeks may not be exposed to as many changing temperatures. However, anything that will be stored for longer may need to be placed in a humidity-controlled unit. Electronic appliances, equipment and furniture are often expected to stay within specific temperature guidelines set by the manufacturer. Books and other items made from fragile materials are also susceptible to moisture build-up over time and can begin to mildew or rot if they are not in a humidity-controlled environment. Therefore, a person will need to consider this feature if an item will not be taken out of storage for several months.

Delicate Materials and Valuables
Antique furniture and seasonal clothing should always be protected from moisture. Additionally, items that are made from paper, such as books and important documents, will need to stay dry to avoid damage from mold and mildew. By controlling the humidity in the storage unit, a person can store delicate materials for many months without fear of costly damage.

Choosing the appropriate storage unit is an important part of keeping your things in top condition while they are in storage. For this reason, storage units are offered with a broad range of features that can be selected to ensure that you have the right size and type of unit for storing your belongings. If you will be storing your items for a long length of time or have belongings made from delicate materials, then a humidity-controlled storage unit is the ideal solution for keeping your belongings safe from the harsh conditions caused by moisture and temperature fluctuations. New London Self Storage offers humidity controlled storage units to Waterford, CT. Our facility is located within .5 miles of Waterford, CT.

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