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Hello good people of New London, do you find yourself with a bit too much stuff and not enough space? Allow us to assist you. We are New London Self Storage, and we’re glad to be serving both New London as well as Waterford, and the surrounding area. If you’re not familiar with us, we hope you’ll take the time to peruse our site and familiarize yourself with everything we have to offer.

What Can You Expect?

No Admin or Hidden Fees

With something as simple as mini storage units seems to be, you’d think it would be a no brainer to find good service, but it’s not that easy. Your belongings can mean a lot, and even if you’re not especially sentimental, you still expect to find your things the same way you left them, no? Let us show you how much your belongings mean to us, not just as customers, but as members of the same community. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is based on that; we should take the same care of your belongings as you would.

Our Self Storage Units

Taking good care of your things starts with one simple step: Having the right space. To that end, we’ve designed the spaces we keep to the standards of a living environment. Climate control, including humidity protection, means your things will be kept not just cool, not just warm, but also kept dry and safe. Nothing will be able to harm your belongings here, not even the elements themselves. What we offer is a truly all-inclusive package.

Self storage