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How to Efficiently Pack a Self Storage Unit?

How to Efficiently Pack a Self Storage Unit?

Self storage units offer people a convenient and secure way to store unneeded items that would otherwise clutter up a home or garage. Whether a person is packing their items for long-term storage or only expects to store them for a few months, it is important to pack them carefully to ensure that they will remain in good condition during their time in storage. Additionally, it is important to place items in the storage unit in a way that effectively maximizes the space. If you are planning to move your items into self storage, then the following tips will help you to pack efficiently while safeguarding your personal belongings. New London Self Storage even offers a free moving van for transport from the Waterford, CT area to our facility. Our facility is located in New London, CT within .5 miles of Waterford, CT.

Use Sturdy Boxes
The first thing a person needs to do when moving items into storage is gather sturdy boxes and packing material. Ideally, you should have an assortment of boxes in different shapes and sizes that can accommodate many different types of household items. Bubble wrap and newsprint can be used to wrap fragile items such as glassware and picture frames.

Handling Furniture
Large pieces of furniture often pose a challenge for people who are new to using storage units. Fortunately, these items can be easily stored after they have been dismantled. During the dismantling process, place any hardware into a plastic bag that can be secured to the furniture so that it will be easy to find once the furniture is removed from storage. Any large appliances should be stored with the doors left open for ventilation purposes. Flat furniture pieces, such as tabletops and bed rails can be stored along the walls of the storage unit to help maximize the space.

Store Heavy Items First
In a storage unit, boxes should be stacked to ensure that the vertical space is used adequately. When stacking boxes, there are two things that you will need to consider. First, you will need to decide which boxes may be needed in the near future. These should be set aside so that they can be placed in the front of the storage unit. Then, you should begin stacking boxes with the heaviest ones on the bottom. This will help you to avoid crushing lighter items below. Fragile and small boxes should be stacked last so that they will be on top.

When packing a self storage unit, it is important to be careful to store items in a way that will keep them safe while they are in storage. Breaking down furniture into smaller pieces and stacking boxes will help you to maximize your space while minimizing damage. By taking the time to efficiently pack your self storage unit, you will be able to benefit from the security of knowing that your belongings will be safe until they are needed again.

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