Non Climate vs Climate Controlled Storage

New London Self Storage is not just a climate controlled facility, it is a climate and humidity controlled buildings. Lower humidity will slow the destructive forces of mold, mildew, and corrosion. This special built system is manufactured by Lennox, a leader in air conditioning and heating systems (you can check their website for more info). Another nice thing about climate control is that they are indoors, so when you go to your storage you are indoors away from the elements (cold, rain, heat etc.). We also offer climate controlled storage for autos.

This system is a centrally monitored air treatment system that pumps dry air throughout the humidity-controlled building. Don’t be fooled by imitations – this is not a canned moisture-retardant or a portable dehumidifier! If another storage facility claims to have humidity control, be sure to ask for details.

Climate controlled storage is typically part of a finished building with indirect heating and cooling (compared to air conditioners or heaters within individual units). The enclosed environment of these buildings can also provide increased protection from dust, dirt and flooding.

Climate controlled storage spaces cost more than standard units. If you are storing items of sentimental value or historical documents for your business, the additional cost may be insignificant, especially if it gives you peace of mind. Whether your items would be costly and inconvenient to replace, or irreplaceable if you are going to pay to store them it is wise to store them well. If you plan to frequently access your stored items as you add, remove or organize them, keep in mind your comfort when working within your storage space. A pleasant temperature can make the job much easier.